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2020 (13)


June, 26th, 2020 
Priscila Magossi, especialista na indústria de webcamming, revela nova perspectiva para a área de live cams
Dra. Priscila Magossi (Comunicação e Semiótica/PUC-SP) é pesquisadora científica (ABCIBER/CENCIB), ativista dos direitos humanos, e autora/fundadora do projeto New Camming Perspective (NCP): um programa de treinamento para modelos online, desenvolvido com base em seus 17 anos de estudos acadêmicos em ciências sociais aplicadas (2003-2020) e 10 anos de experiência no mercado de webcamming (2010-2020).

June, 26th, 2020 

Priscila Magossi, especialista na indústria de webcamming, revela nova perspectiva para a área de live cams

A NCP parte de uma premissa muito pontual, a de que (1) pornografia, (2) freemium camming e (3) premium camming são serviços muito diferentes, apesar de oferecidos no mesmo segmento de mercado, que é a Indústria Adulta. Para a autora, a importância em desfazer a associação do camming (interatividade e conexão) com a satisfação sexual instantânea é a possibilidade de uma mulher ser valorizada, no mundo adulto, por qualidades que não priorizem seus atributos físicos, mas que também englobem aspectos emocionais e intelectuais tais como empatia, inteligência e boa capacidade de comunicação verbal.

June, 26th, 2020 
Especialista na indústria de webcamming, Priscila Magossi, revela nova perspectiva para a área de live cams

A New Camming Perspective é destinado às mulheres que trabalham no setor da indústria adulta de live cams e desejam se emancipar da tradicional visão sobre este trabalho, que reduz as profissionais a meras produtoras de conteúdo sexual.  O projeto foca na fidelização dos usuários nas salas das modelos a partir do desenvolvimento de conexões afetivas entre ambos. 

June, 26th, 2020 
Nova perspectiva para a área de live cams é revelada por Priscila Magossi, especialista na indústria de webcamming

O projeto New Camming Perspective (NCP), desenvolvido pela pesquisadora científica Priscila Magossi, é uma metodologia de trabalho que tem como um dos principais propósitos humanizar o setor a partir da luta por condições de trabalho mais dignas, inclusive expondo práticas abusivas e opressivas deste mercado. 

June 3th, 2020
Juliana Villegas faz sucesso na web com consultoria online para cam girl
Juliana oferece consultorias online para modelos que desejam se emancipar da tradicional concepção desta profissão como apenas produtoras de conteúdo erótico, e querem aprender a cativar usuários a partir do estímulo de conexões afetivas. A cam girl é representante do projeto “New Camming Perspective” (NCP) no Brasil: um projeto que procura humanizar o serviço de camgirl, visando explorar outras qualidades das modelos além do corpo físico, tais como carisma, empatia, cultura e boa comunicação verbal. 

May, 20th, 2020

DAOSPIA | Coronavirus: Spiega la crescita del mercato delle camgirl in Brasile
La dottoressa in Comunicazione e Semiotica presso PUC-SP, Priscila Magossi, ideatore del progetto New Camming Perspective (volto ad aiutare le professioniste del settore) spiega la crescita del mercato delle camgirl in Brasile dopo il coronavirus.

May, 1st, 2020

PT: VEJA RIO | Quarentena: coronavirus aquece o mercado de camgirls na internet 
EN: VEJA RIO | Quarentine: COVID-19 improves the camming market on internet

Ph.D. in Communication and Semiotics, Priscila Magossi, has developed a Training Program for the camgirls and points out "Being a camgirl is not a reason to be ashamed at all". 

May 1st, 2020BBC

BBC | Kat Vans from NCP is the BBC May 2020 Model

I am Katharina, and by the end of the year (2019) I learned about how to enhance my work a lot using the New Camming Perspective (NCP) concepts not only when I'm online, but for everything in my life. And ever since I started to value myself and my clients, which makes us closer and our relationship more and more fulfilling (...)

April, 3th, 2020

PT: VEJA | Como coronavirus afeta os relacionacionamentos sexuais?

EN: VEJA | How coronavirus has been affecting sexual relationships?

These are moments that people are isolated from social life and faced with few entertainment options. Real sex is off limits for single people who respect the quarantine. Then, pornography and camming are some of the first things to cross the mind of the average man. However, is human behavior so easy to predict? Panic affects male libido, as well the feeling of loneliness increases in mid-long terms. Regarding camming, the models who have good communication skills are profiting from it and the loneliness that men are feeling during this period (...)

April 1st, 2020 
BBC | NCP Model Alexia Chamberlain is the BossBabeCams.com Model of the Month

I am Alexia, a 22-year-old Brazilian model, lively and independent. In 2018 I discovered the Professional Camming, and with the help of Priscila Magossi from New Camming Perspective (NCP). I finally discovered I have a voice and want to act (...)

March, 31th, 2020

PT: Diário de Pernambuco | Mercado das camgirls tem boom em período de quarentena

EN: Diário de Pernambuco | The "boom" in the camgirls market during the quarentine 

New Camming Perspective (NCP) studies evaluate how the camming business profitability is being affected during the first weeks of the quarantine (...)

March, 20th, 2020

PT: VEJA | Após coronavirus, busca por camgirls cresce no Brasil

EN: VEJA| Coronavirus pandemic increases the demand for camgirls in Brazil

One of the major Brazilian mainstream magazines, Veja, requested the NCP analyses regarding how the camming market might be affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic during the quarantine period. The models of the project, Juliana Villegas and Katherine, gave their contribution as well (...)

January, 1st, 2020

BBC | Juliana Villegas, the NCP Model Rep, is the first BBC model of the Year 2020 
My name is Juliana and I was the first to pay attention to the New Camming Perspective (NCP) in mid-october 2019 and has been applying its ideas in my own video chats and social media that has helped me to be more a confident, powerful and interesting woman. The sum of these factors has led me to believe in the project so much, thus, I was invited to be the Model Representative of NCP in Brazil (...)


2019 (2)


June 18th, 2019

AW NEWS| NCP gets two awards at EXEC Awards at AWSUMMIT 2019

What turns a job into a career? This is a very personal answer, I can speak for myself; being recognized is very meaningful to my career, because it shows that my work is making a difference to others. It is not necessarily about getting prizes; it is also the little things, such as the feeling of belonging and mutual respect, perceiving value and complimenting never go out of fashion (…)

June 1st, 2019
Last year our staff here at Cam Life Magazine put together a list of the live webcam community’s biggest influencers. Most of 25 industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and insiders were honored to include. But our list was not without controversy. We’re sure this will won’t be any different epically since we are doubling this year’s list of influencers to 50 (...)



2018 (1)

April 9th, 2018
MAKE MONEY ADULT CONTENT | 8 Powerful Ways Webcamming Is Affecting People’s Lives Positively
One popular prominent writer and speaker of this business, Priscila Magossi, the author of the New Camming Perspective (she has multiple awards in the live cam industry and also a communication scientist with a Ph.D. in cyberculture) (...)



2017 (2)

August 13th, 2017
XBIZ | Why It Pays When Cam Models Block Cyberbullies
One thing new models may not realize is that the “mean” people in your chat room are never ones who will pay you any significant amount of money. The money you actually give up by blocking bullies is pretty much zero! (...)

June 12th, 2017
JUAN BUSTOS | Create emotional links with your users by educating them with love
@PriscilaNCP, who is a PhD in Communication and Semiotics, told  us about  the results she has obtained in her “cyberculture” studies and explained how  “online” relationships have achieved the same feelings and emotions as face to face interactions (...

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