Model Coach & Model Representative
Writer | Spokesperson & Show Host

What does the New Camming Perspective (NCP) provide?

  1. Scientific Research

       (Post-P.h.D. in Social Sciences)

The historical documentation about adult entertainment scene is vague in scientific terms, especially because it lacks a solid foundation to be assessed and understood. The opportunity of having been in touch with both social sciences studies (since 2002) and the backstage of camming (since 2010) allows the development of a social formal theory. Such attempt is brought to you as the New Camming Perspective (NCP): an innovative way to understand the social bond dynamics in this industry based on critical thought and practical steps that optimize this activity.

   2.  Activism

        (Human Rights)

Throughout the research it became evident that not all social practices in camming are harmless. For instance, the general outlook suggests a passive behavior from all subjects (models and EXEC) involved because of the concentration of power

in the hands of few major players. However, the world that oppresses is not set in stone and those who become aware can also imagine changes. This is a huge opportunity to write the future that is a result of the practices that are based on the whole picture. The stepping stones that lead to such reality are not always evident so those who join in are also responsible for the change, either by spreading the word or showing it in their own attitudes that a different world is not only possible but achievable. Because of these concerns, the New Camming Perspective (NCP) has among its roles the responsibility

to fight for human rights in the scene.


   3.   Training Program

        (Premium Models)

It is a business strategy that uses social sciences to optimize earnings and stimulate returning customers by relying on the human need for building connections . It is not a one fits all programme, every specific need can be addressed to reach the desired results. Different areas that can be looked into include:

 I  Technical Knowledge   (1) What you need to get started?

II  Applied Knowledge      (2) What to do during videochat? 

                                               (3) How to brand yourself?

                                               (4) How to deal with the emotional aspects of camming? 

                                               (5) The workings of the backstage



How Can I help You?


This project aims to maximize profit and retain return customers in an attempt to reverse part of the crisis caused since internet porn became free (97%), therefore affecting camming profit margins. 

      1.  Model Coach

          (Independent Models & Studios)

Meant for those who are open to understand that camming is not porn (instant sexual gratification), training the relevant sikills. In order to do that, it is necessery to work on:  social bond dynamics with its many implications, such as, developing empathy to members individual needs with good communication skills. Our isolating society means that those customers who cared for are the ones who keep coming back, i.e. the most profitable for a model.

       2.  Companies & Affiliates

            (Local Model Representative)

​Providing consultancy/ representation to businesses that are interested in investing in the Brazilian market, a very profitable and emerging place to invest in camming.  Having the expertise of the market, a vast network and credibility among many top models, which allow greater chances for the investment to be profitable.

       3.  Writer, Spokesperson & Show Host 

            (English & Portuguese)

Camming experience as a consequence of previous interests that came from the studies about human behavior and cyberculture. They were carried out in the academic field of Communication and Semiotics for nearly 20 years, with 2 books published. Regarding camming related activities, over 40 articles have been published in major magazines; 15 contributions in seminars as a panel speaker and some experience as a show host.